Friday, July 18, 2008

Jewelry Bag...

For a friend's birthday, I made this little jewelry bag. The fabric is from Mary Englebreit and has been in my stash forever. It's black, with tiny little cherries. The inside is red with little diamonds and is a newer addition to my cabinet. I used ribbon instead of cording on the drawstring, which is harder to use but looks really cute. These bags are so quick and easy to make, I hope to get a few into the shop this weekend.

How much do I love taking pictures outdoors? I like to tell myself that the peeling paint looks artistic, not crappy. Please let me believe in this fantasy.

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Jena said...

I have a bag like this! It's pretty handy for transporting a lot of jewelry--I just have to be very careful to close it well so nothing falls out. The only real issue I've had with it is that my necklaces get tangled--is there a way to avoid knotted necklaces with this bag? (I don't wear many necklaces, so it's not a huge deal.)