Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby gifts

My mom will be celebrating the birth of her 7th biological grandchild later this month or early next month. This is the first girl. (I have a step-niece who joined the family at about age 5. I only make the distinction between biological and not because it is amazing to me that my brothers and I have only been able to produce boys until this one.) ANYWAY. I made a few gifts for her.

First is a smallish tote bag. It's made of white canvas (actual, heavy canvas) and flannel. This is my first attempt at combining the two, and I'd really recommend against that. The canvas has no give and the flannel seems to be made of give and together it is frustrating.

I made a nice stack of burp cloths out of flannel as well, nothing fancy there, didn't even seam up the selvage edge. (I would SO do that if I weren't making them for family.)

Last, a cool little blanket. This blanket has loops on all four corners that can be drawn into a carbiner and clipped onto your diaper bag or stroller. Why would you want this? so you can scoop up all the toys in one shot! I made this of canvas and flannel as well. The canvas should keep the baby dry on damp ground and the flannel is nice and soft. Once again, I would not combine the two. Perhaps a lighter weight canvas next time, or a cotton top with some batting inside? Stunt baby is not included with the blanket.


direct loans said...
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NandL said...

WOW! These are nice!! How much would you normally sell this for?
Laura H...

Lisa said...

Laura, I haven't sold any of these things to anyone so I have no idea. I'm going to redo my whole shop once Christmas is over, which thing are you liking?