Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teacher bags!

Are you a school teacher? Know someone who is? We all know that school teachers love tote bags AND that school teachers have tons of old school spirit shirts in their closets. Can you think of a better use for those unworn shirts than a tote bag? Here's some examples!

See the big pocket on this one (with the magazine slipped inside)? I thought that would make a perfect place for files of paperwork, and keep it somewhat organized. It's a big pocket- the height and width of the entire bag!
Now on the gray one, my camera stopped cooperating so only one picture! It has a darker purple patterned lining, and one small pocket for your phone or keys. It's a bigger bag than the white one too. So if you are a teacher, or know one, let me know at and I'd be happy to make some up for you! These bags would also be great for students, just keep in mind, the smaller the shirt, the smaller the bag!
(sorry for the wierd spacing on this post, I can't make blogger cooperate this morning!)

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Allena said...

I love this idea. what a smart way to use up those shirts.