Sunday, August 12, 2007

Business progress

I have taken the plunge and had some business cards printed. They are nice little cards, and I can't wait to start handing them out. I wanted a way to talk about my crafty side without totally making my husband and friends crazy. This blog is on my business cards.

I spend a crazy amount of time drafting patterns in my head. I mix t-shirts with fabric as I'm falling asleep at night. My close friends think I'm obsessing. I am. This is my outlet.

My current plan is to post 2 to 3 new bags a week. This is fairly ambitious, as I also have a fulltime job, a two year old son, a husband, another blog, a house, and a heavy reading habit. I'm finally streamlining some of the processes- for example, all bags have the exact same handle pattern. Well, until I make an across the body handle. But short handles will all be the same. No extra planning and measuring. I discovered this weekend that it's easier to cut a couple bags, then sew them, as opposed to one bag start to finish at a time.

I really hope this pans out for me, if not, I'll have way more tote bags than one person can possibly use...


B said...

Good luck with it all! A couple bags a week does sound quite ambitious to me! But you sound so determined and are already thinking of great ways to streamline it, that I know you can do it! =)
Have fun passing out your business cards!

Lucinda said...

Thanks for writing this.

Nic Hill said...

Thanks for writing this.