Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas sewing

I've been sewing and crafting like mad lately, unfortunately, none of it is for sale in the shop! I'll post about it anyway, as eventually I'd like to make more of these items and get them listed. I'd REALLY like to do it before Christmas, but that is so not gonna happen. There's always next year. (Though, if you fall in love with any of this let me know, we can work something out I'm sure...)

First up, I made myself a bag! Crazy. I originally wasn't pleased with the length of the strap, but after using it a couple of weeks I find that it works well.

Then I made one as a gift. I shouldn't even be posting this one online, but hopefully it will still be a surprise. It's actually nicer looking in person, but black is so hard to photo well.

I'm working on some little mitten ornaments. (Surprise, Laurie! one of them is yours...)

I'm doing them assembly line style, here are some of the ones still waiting for cuffs. (This is not all of them, yikes! I got a little ambitious here.)

I've got more bags to make, more mittens. And some other surprise things. Hope everyone else who's crafting for the holidays is making progress as well.

PS. Anyone know an easy way to post pictures on blogger? Having them load at the top and having to drag them down on my tiny laptop screen is annoying.

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DaBookLady said...

oh my I love your bags....very nice, can I be on your Christmas List?